Thursday, 30 June 2011


Starting next month (or whenever I get my camera back from the fixers) I will be doing a series of pieces about people and their closets. I'll be featuring friends and people I know in Belfast, going to their homes to take pictures of them, their wardrobes and favourite pieces and also doing short interviews about their personal style and influences.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

Can we please talk about


Her jewellery is out of this world. Rings made of metal that look heavy enough to knock someone out crafted into shiny gold skulls, gold claws holding giant quartz crystals in place, and a collection of snake inspired rings called Medusa. She is originally from Turkey but trained in Central St Martin's in London so you can imagine the kind of influences such varied cultures have had on her work. She may come from Turkey, but in my mind she's kind of like McQueen's secret love child.

Roseark are selling a selection of Bergsen pieces in both their West Hollywood and Santa Monica stores, and a full collection is available at